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Art Loan and Art Refinancing

We are Global Experts in Art Loan and Art Refinancing

Increase your liquidity from the value of your art collection with flexible terms and straightforward contracts. Based in the Principality of Monaco, our mission is to help international art collectors with refinancing options for their art collections.

Benefits of an Art Loan

Fast and discreet financing

Flexible terms, interest rates from 6,5 % p.a.

Straightforward contract

Liability is strictly restricted to the artwork

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” - Edgar Degas


Before contacting us please make sure that you are fully eligible for an art loan.

More importantly, art loan offer can be provided only to the owner of the artwork. We will not ensure loan offers for intermediaries due to privacy reasons.

The smallest loan we can offer is 1 Million €, and the artwork has to have a minimum valuation of 3 Million €. Loan funding in 4 days from collateral assessment.

What you need:

Proof of ownership & Provenance record

Independent valuation & Purchase invoice

Condition report & Insurance documents

Exhibition history & Literatures

“Great art picks up where nature ends.” - Marc Chagall